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Children and Pediatric Dentist in Strongsville Ohio

Children dentistry also called as Pediatric dentistry is a branch of dentistry which studies and offers dental treatment to kids and children who are under the age group between 5 to 12 years of age.

Children are always afraid of going to a Pediatric dentist because of the fear they have in their minds. Due to this, they keep the problems within themselves nor do they tell it out to elders since they are too young to understand things and immature.

A child need to be imparted more knowledge and care when oral care matters the most. There is a vast difference between a kids teeth and an adult's teeth. A child's teeth are more prone to infections like tooth decay, infections in the gum and the pulp which requires immediate attention. If not treated on time may turn from bad to worse over a course of time. So what could be the solution for this??.

Need for Children Dentistry or Pediatric Dentistry in Strongsville

A recent survey conducted by children dentists in the US have found out that 80% of the children or the kids are most prone to tooth related issues. The main cause being tooth decay, discoloring of the teeth and severe tooth ache due to excess intake of sugary items like chocolates, candies, aerated and soft drinks which further causes bacteria to breed in the gums and finally leading to tooth decay or formation of cavities.

Oral care and Hygiene

Children or the kids generally have a tendency to binge on chocolates, candies, colas, soft drinks and junk food which they cannot resist and tempts them to have more often which gradually develops to a formation of a cavity and ultimately tooth decay in long run. Thus the parents must and should ensure that the children do not suffer from such severe problems. Taking some simple steps goes a long way in a trouble free years ahead. Parents should educate the child about the ill effects of odd eating habits and educate them about regular brushing and flossing using fluorides. They should also see to that the kid gives up the habit of sucking the thumb or the finger which leads to erosion of the gums and fast wearing of the enamel in the long run.

If the condition of the child has turned beyond the reach of the parents, then the child or the kid must be taken to a pediatric dentist who is well aware of the kid's oral hygiene and takes all suitable measures to be followed as far the treatment is concerned. Initially, a child may face agony when visiting a dental office and a fear factor will be lurking on them. In such situations, it is the utmost duty of the pediatric dentist to handle such situations smartly and diligently. They are true professionals when it comes to child care. Once the exact problem is detected, they go ahead with the dental treatment accordingly. The children dentist clinic will be equipped with an LCD TV which plays cartoon programs and has the paintings and drawings of cartoon characters in order to divert the attention of the child when he/ she is undergoing any sort of dental surgery. At times even nursery rhymes or lullabies are played to have a soothing effect in the mind of the kid.

Confused where to take your child in case of persisting tooth problem. RELAX!!!!!. You can take the child to Arlene J. Coloma, DDS, MS which is located in Strongsville and Brecksville in the state of Ohio where you can consult children or Pediatric Dentist who is available during office hours and also during the times of emergencies. We ensure that we get back the smile on your child’s face and take utmost care.

Common Pediatric Dentistry procedures:

  • Routing Cleanings
  • Tooth Extraction
  • Fluoride Treatments
  • Dental Sealants
  • Pulp Treatments
  • Stainless Steel Crowns
  • Tooth-colored Fillings

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