First Visit

What to expect on your first dental visit?

girl brushing her teeth

Your child’s first dental visit is an important step towards dental health. According to the American Academy of Pediatric dentistry, we recommend that children to see a pediatric dentist at the age of 1 or 6 months after the first tooth erupts. The first dental visit is to help motivate your child and familiarize him or her to the dental instruments in a friendly way. The pediatric dentist will examine your child’s mouth to detect decay, assess tooth development, identify abnormal facial development, teach proper oral hygiene techniques and give guidance regarding oral habits. Depending on your child’s co-operation few x-rays may be taken to help detect hidden cavities.

First visit to the Dentist

Tips for a positive Dental visit:

  • Schedule your childs first visit between the arrival of his first tooth and his first birthday
  • Schedule a morning appointment when children tend to be rested and cooperative.
  • Emphasize the positive! The dentist will help to keep your child’s teeth healthy; keep to yourself any anxiety that you might feel about dental visits.
  • Never bribe your child to go to the dentist or use the visit as a punishment or threat.

Why is it important for children to visit the Pediatric dentist?

Simply because children can be nurtured with great dental care right from the age when their first teeth erupt. It is important that proper care is taken by parents such that the child is protected from dental problems. A survey says American children lose hundreds of school hours because of dental illness. A toothache and other dental problems can make the childhood miserable. With hygienic practices, good diet and awareness of do’s and don’t, parents can help their children develop a healthy oral cavity. When such knowledge about dental care is taught to children at very young age, they grow up to lead a healthy life.

Visit our Strongsville and Brecksville Ohio kid’s dentist to avail comprehensive treatment for your child. Our staff ensures that your child enjoys the visit, while you receive thorough knowledge about the child’s dental care.